Disaster Recovery Planning

microwerx is committed to helping you develop a bulletproof disaster recovery plan. We can help fulfill that need through a variety of means. Our level of service is dependent upon your needs. Below is a listing of the various levels of service we can provide to help you achieve the end goal — a detailed and well thought out disaster recovery plan. The stakes are too high to ignore it — your business' success depends on proper preparation and planning for “what happens to the other guy”.
Someday — the other guy may become you.

Our options give you the ability to do as much or as little of the work as you desire. microwerx can function at the level you desire and provide the service to help you put a plan in place. Of course, if you want another option for receiving microwerx support on this project, we can develop a custom option for your business.

Whatever your decision — get after it and do some work.

It could be the difference between survival and failure if a disaster strikes.