Network Attached Storage

Network Attached Storage devices are high-performance storage appliances that provide shared data to clients and other servers on a Local Area Network (LAN). A NAS device does not need to be located within the server but can exist anywhere in a LAN and can be made up of multiple networked NAS devices.

  • Dedicated - which means it is designed and pre-configured specifically for serving files. It performs no other application function.
  • Simple - because these appliances are typically pre-configured from the factory, making installation quick and easy.
  • Reliable - with features such as: hot-swappable disk drives through RAID support, hot-swappable power supplies, redundant disk drives and power supplies, software that is "task-tuned' to minimize error potential.
  • Flexible - because it is heterogeneous. It supports multiple file protocols: NFS for UNIX, CIFS for Windows, NetWare for Novell, HTTP and FTP
  • Open - this means that other vendors' equipment can connect to NAS appliances, provided that they, too, utilize industry standard interfaces
  • Affordable - last but not least, NAS is affordable

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