Network AntiViral Protection

The threat of damaging computer viruses and the need for good antivirus software are greater than ever. Many organizations have already learned the painful and costly reality of leaving their networks unprotected against viruses. Once you are on board with the idea of implementing a thorough antivirus strategy, it's time to discuss how best to accomplish it within your infrastructure. A network infrastructure can traditionally be divided into three distinct layers that require virus protection:

Layer 1—Internet (SMTP) gateways
Layer 2—Servers (messaging, application, file and print, etc.)
Layer 3—Clients (desktops and laptops)

microwerx can implement an antivirus strategy that will fit your business and budget please contact us for further information regarding our Network Antivirus packages.

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We use the following products in our Network Antivirus Protection Packages:

Norton AntiVirus™ Corporate Edition
for Windows 9.x, Windows NT 4.0/2000, Windows Me, NetWare
Virus Protection for Desktops and File Servers

Key Features:

Norton AntiVirus™ Corporate Edition for desktops and file servers offers centralized policy management with scalable, cross-platform virus protection on an enterprise-wide basis. Centralized management from a single console allows IT managers to lock down policies that keep systems up to date and properly configured, fully protecting users at all times.

The Digital Immune System™ provides access to unparalleled backend response mechanisms that enable the delivery of fast, reliable, and hands-free virus detection, analysis, and repairs with exclusive Closed Loop Automation. Even in the face of unusually heavy demand for virus definitions during serious outbreaks like the LoveLetter and Melissa virus attacks, Symantec's scalable, backend architecture ensures that virus cures will be readily available when needed most. On-demand, enterprise-wide virus sweeps initiated from a single console ensure that infected desktops and file servers are cleaned quickly and efficiently. NAVEX, a single, extensible scanning and repair engine, provides the unique ability to update virus definitions and engine extensions — without having to reboot servers or re-deploy application software — thereby maximizing system uptime and minimizing total cost of ownership. Plus, seamless integration with EMC's Celerra File Server supports anti-virus protection for network-attached storage environments. The Celerra anti-virus solution provides an integrated, real-time, on-access methodology to identify viruses and protect files against malicious attacks.

As the latest version of Symantec's award-winning solution, Norton AntiVirus Corporate Edition supports today's advanced technologies. The new release is compatible with Microsoft Terminal Servers as well as Microsoft Windows® XP, allowing organizations to enjoy uninterrupted virus protection as they migrate to the latest technology.

Norton AntiVirus™ Corporate Edition for Small Business - The Server Based Solution

Norton AntiVirus Corporate Edition for Small Business protects your desktop and file server computing environment with the world's best selling and most powerful anti-virus capabilities. Our award-winning best-of-breed anti-virus software and management console delivers businesses, with 100 nodes or less, a complete licensed solution for the protection against viruses in one easy to install box.