Be a part of today's expanding online business community with microwerx's easy-to-use e-commerce plans.

Solutions that are secure, scalable, reliable and easy — Done well, and ready to sell.

Our e-commerce package will fit your needs, so that you can grow your business online. It includes all the elements that allow a merchant to present and sell its products on the Internet: a storefront, a shopping cart and the ability to have real-time processing of credit card transactions. Example of an e-commerce website : nolimitmotorsport.com

The heart of almost every individually built microwerx E - commerce Solution is MivaMerchant. With MivaMerchant, merchants don't need to be technology gurus to take their businesses online. With MivaMerchant, merchants get a simple to manage, cost effective eCommerce solution packed with world-class capabilities. They have the ability to design, build, and manage an entire Internet business all with a standard web browser.

Merchants won't have to buy any special hardware or software, nor will they need to go through a lengthy and expensive process of education and implementation. And they get far more than just a website and catalog - they can present their products, run marketing promotions, track sales, collect online payments, and much more. Merchants can concentrate on what they do best, running their business. They'll have access to a dedicated team of eCommerce experts that is constantly enhancing its services - there is no better way to keep up with the speed of Internet changes.

Miva Merchant Overview

A powerful StoreFront and Catalog development tool, MivaMerchant integrates all the latest technologies you would expect from a high-powered e-commerce shopping cart system. Some of MivaMerchant's features include:

Using your Web browser, it is easy to build and maintain "virtual storefronts" using MivaMerchant. Webmasters can easily customize the "look and feel" of their store to match that of their Web site.