Domain Name (Web Site) URL Pointers

Additional domain names
You can add an extra domain to your hosting plan for only $2.50/month. You are allowed one domain name with a Professional site; two domains with a SSL-enabled Professional site; three with a Merchant site, and; five with a Shared site. You may add as many domains to your account as you wish. An extra domain can be a subdomain ( or a completely separate domain name ( Each domain will point to a subdirectory of your main account, allowing you to create an entirely different site for just a few dollars more. This is an economical way to host several completely different sites on one account!

Unique IP addresses
All extra domains use unique IP addresses and web space as the main site. This means that a site administrator has full access to all domains in the account. Email sent to an extra domain is aliased into your main site.

Note that this option does not include domain registration or renewals for the extra domains; you are responsible for registering the additional domains and paying their renewal fees as needed. If you would like us to register your domain name please contact