Miva Merchant 4

Miva Merchant is a dynamic storefront development and management system that enables merchants to create, enhance, and maintain an online storefront presence easily, all from their web browser. From easy point-and-click look and feel enhancement to advanced management of order and customer data, Miva Merchant can do it all.

Miva Merchant includes a complete set of step-by-step wizards to simplify the process of building a store, for e-commerce beginners. It also includes an Advanced Administration mode, for those users who are more familiar with the inner workings of an online storefront, which allows access to an assortment of built-in features. Aftermarket modules integrate seamlessly, providing additional features and flexibility, thanks to Miva Merchant's modular architecture.

Storefront Administration made easy.

Easy to Get Started

Miva wants to make e-commerce easy for you. That is why Miva came up with the Simple Administration. Designed for e-commerce beginners, the Simple Administration is a series of wizards that walks you step-by-step through the process of creating an online store. Each wizard contains detailed instructions on what your steps are. These wizards are also accessible individually through the Advanced Administration.

Included Wizard modules:

  • Create Store Wizard
  • Look and Feel Configuration Wizard
  • Add Product Wizard
  • Add Product Attribute Wizard
  • Add Category Wizard
  • Shipping Configuration Wizard
  • Payment Configuration Wizard
  • Sales Tax Configuration Wizard
  • Fulfillment Configuration Wizard
  • Affiliate Configuration Wizard
  • Add Affiliate Wizard

Easy To Configure

Once you have that down pat, or you've done e-commerce before, you're ready for the Advanced Administration. This is where you will manage and maintain your Miva Merchant store. Through the Advanced Administration, you will have access to a variety of useful features, many of which are listed below:

Custom FieldsCustomize Product Display to Suit Your Business - Enhance existing product information by defining your own product fields to be shown on the product display screen. You can create fields for any form of product data, such as ISBN, UPC, Manufacturer, etc.
Attribute TemplatesManage the Attributes of Many Products at Once - Instead of building attributes individually per product, you can create one template of attributes to assign quickly to multiple products. Changes can be made to the single attribute template, and applied to all products using it.
Inventory TrackingStay on Top of Your Inventory Levels - Track inventory levels for your products automatically in Miva Merchant. With inventory tracking, you can display customized messages to your shoppers related to stock levels, and even temporarily hide out of stock products.
Export UtilitiesUtilize the Data from Your Store - Export order, product, customer, and affiliate data conveniently with multiple export utilities built-in to Miva Merchant. Data is exported to a secure location on your website.
Flat-File ImportImport Your Existing Product Database - Import thousands of products at once with the Flat-File Import module. You can even set inventory levels, assign products to existing categories, and apply attribute templates, all with just one import.
Site Traffic
and Sales Statistics
Know Who's Visiting, and Who's Buying - View storefront hits and visits, count revenue, and track which products in your Miva Merchant store are your bestsellers, automatically in the admin interface.
Affiliate ProgramPut Networking to Work - Use a partner's website to drive traffic to your Miva Merchant storefront with the affiliate program. Affiliates can login and keep track of earnings based on defined commission levels, per affiliate. Affiliates also have access to a banner image and an affiliate-specific URL to your storefront for use in promoting.
Order EncryptionProvide Security for Your Shoppers - Encrypt sensitive order details with order encryption. Payment information is locked with a passphrase that you create, to help prevent stolen data.
ELF2 LoggingTrack Revenues and Transactions - Miva Merchant can generate a log file for use with Urchin's E-Commerce module for the Urchin® v5 software. Use this log to track revenue and transaction information.
Availability GroupsProducts Exclusively for Special Customers - Create groups of customers that have access to special products or categories that are not publicly available. Availability Groups are very useful when selling special membership merchandise.
Price GroupsSpecial Pricing for Special Customers - Price Groups can be used to offer certain customers discounts on specific products in your store. You can use price groups to create a wholesaler group with a percent discount off the retail price.
Related ProductsIncrease Sales of Complementary Products - Draw customers' attention to complementary products to help boost sales with the related products feature. You can assign an unlimited number of related products.
UpsaleIncrease Sales at Checkout - Offer special discounted products to your customers during checkout when they spend a certain amount in your store. You can even tie an upsold product to another item in your storefront.

Easy to Customize

Miva Merchant has a number of convenient, point-and-click look and feel enhancement tools designed to give you flexibility for customizing your store. In addition to the pre-defined templates, Miva Merchant offers HTML-ready headers and footers on each storefront page. You can also easily integrate your Miva Merchant storefront into your existing website, or use the look and feel tools to create a unique, stand-alone shopping experience.

Easy To Manage

Miva Merchant has extensive management systems that handle all the aspects of products, categories, customers, and orders. With an easy-to-use administrative interface, managing all of your store's data has never been easier.

Miva Merchant allows an unlimited number of products to be listed in your storefront. Detailed product descriptions can be created using HTML, and product attributes can be assigned to display options. The product management system helps you organize your products and easily manage all product data.

Just like products, Miva Merchant can handle an unlimited number of categories. Use the category management system to create your main categories, and further specify with sub-categories. Assigning products to categories and sub-categories is conveniently handled within the category management system.

Keeping track of your customers can be a hassle. But with Miva Merchant's customer management system, it's a snap. Customers can create accounts on your storefront, and add or update their contact information. Using your customer database, you can offer special pricing and products when customers sign-in to your store.

Your Miva Merchant orders come into a centralized location within your Miva Merchant admin. Under Order Processing, you can batch your orders at the end of the day, run a batch report to analyze order data, and even process your orders through your payment gateway right from within Miva Merchant.

Easy to Collect Money

Miva Merchant has a wide variety of built-in payment modules, designed to work smoothly with industry leaders. These payment modules were designed in partnership with the Payment Gateway providers, to ensure security and ease-of-use. Just turn it on, enter your account information, and the payment module does the rest.

If convenience is what you desire, we offer Miva Payment. Tightly integrated into Miva Merchant, Miva Payment features advanced fraud screening, an online Virtual Terminal, and order processing directly through the Miva Merchant admin interface. Coupled with our world-class customer service, Miva Payment offers you a complete credit card processing solution.

Included Payment Gateway modules:

  • Miva Payment
  • Authorize.Net
  • Cardservice/LinkPoint
  • Check Payment
  • COD
  • Credit Card Payment with Simple Validation
  • CyberSource
  • debit-it!
  • E-Commerce Exchange/QuickCommerce
  • e-ValuCheck
  • GlobalCommerce
  • Innovative Gateway Solutions
  • Lynk Internet Processing
  • Moneris e-SELECT
  • Paradata Payment Service
  • PayPal
  • PayQuake
  • Rodopi
  • US Merchant Systems
  • Verisign Payflow Pro
  • Verisign Payflow Link

Easy to Ship Orders

FedEx, USPS, and UPS shipping calculators are included with Miva Merchant. These modules retrieve shipping rates directly from the service providers based on the weight of the order and the distance it will be traveling. In addition to these automatic shipping calculators, we have included a number of table-based shipping modules to help you offer a range of shipping options to your customers. With the table-based shipping modules, you can build your own shipping rate tables to meet your needs.

Included shipping modules:

Automatic Shipping Calculators:
  • FedEx Shipping Cost Estimate
  • UPS Domestic Shipping Calculator
  • U.S.P.S. Online Rate Calculation
Table-Based Shipping Calculators:
  • Base + Weight Shipping
  • Flat Rate Shipping
  • Minimum or Weight Shipping
  • Price Table Based Shipping
  • Quantity Based Shipping
  • Weight Table Based Shipping

Easy to Calculate Tax

Configuring sales tax can be a difficult task for a storefront administrator. But with Miva Merchant, we have covered all possible ways sales tax could be calculated, and built tools to help you charge the right amount. From automatic sales tax percentage calculation with CertiTAX to entering your own sales tax or VAT charges, Miva Merchant covers all bases.

Included Tax modules:

  • CertiTAX Real-Time Tax Solution
  • State Based Sales Tax
  • Shopper Selected Sales Tax
  • Canadian VAT
  • German VAT
  • Generic VAT

Easy to Sell Worldwide

No matter if you are selling your products in the US, or anywhere else in the world, Miva Merchant can display your product prices in just about any currency format. Preset currency templates for US and European currency make it easy to adjust your storefront for those markets. With the Generic Currency module, you can define your own currency layout.

Included Currency modules:

  • US Currency
  • European Currency
  • Generic Currency

Easy To Expand

If all of these features are not enough for you, don't worry. Miva Merchant is specifically designed so developers and aftermarket vendors can implement their own customized modules around a common API. What this means for users is, Miva Merchant can easily accept plug-in modules from third party developers, to expand on the already wide array of built-in features. With Miva's extensive Developer Network, finding a module to meet your e-commerce needs is a breeze. No matter what you may need your Miva Merchant storefront to do, with the availability of third-party modules, anything is possible.