E-mail Services

High Performance Mail Solution for Messaging
CommuniGate Pro is a comprehensive e-mail platform, able to meet the messaging needs of diverse organizations. The software features an array of built-in services including standards based SMTP, POP, IMAP, and Webmail. More than just e-mail, the solution also contains an integrated LDAP Directory, Web Server, and List Server. CommuniGate Pro's open interface facilitates integration with billing, provisioning, and security applications.

Advanced Security
Protect your end-users from malicious viruses and unwanted spam with advanced security features. CommuniGate Pro supports industry leading third-party products to scan all messages for virus detection and has built-in controls to prevent your site from becoming an open relay. CommuniGate Pro allows you to define a broad range of sophisticated anti-spam policies based on Realtime Blackhole Lists (RBLs), manually defined blacklists, server based rules and content filtering. For network and password security, CommuniGate Pro supports SSL/TLS, SASL, CRAM-MDS and APOP.

GeCAD RAV AntiVirus Filter
CybrHost uses the RAV AntiVirus sub-system which scans and cleans mail messages and all types of attachments including archives, exe files, embedded files, etc. It helps you avoid Internet malwares (viruses, worms, Trojans, hoaxes, etc.), bulk mail and information leaks. When finding infected/suspicious objects, customizable warning mails can be sent to the sender, receiver(s) and system administrator(s), according to CybrHost specified settings.

Platform for Unified Messaging
CommuniGate Pro provides the backbone for a robust communication platform, optimized to expand into emerging wireless and voice markets. Because of its open, standards-based architecture, CommuniGate Pro acts as a single message store for a variety of integrated messaging applications. Many types of content including faxes, voice data, and Short Message Service (SMS) text messages are processed efficiently and reliably. High Performance E-Mail Solution and Platform for Unified Messaging CommuniGate Pro

Optimized for Speed
CommuniGate Pro out-performs other solutions, as demonstrated in recent independent benchmarks. The software is developed to take advantage of multi-threaded and multi-processor environments, providing fast and reliable performance while keeping CPU and memory usage low. Also built into the software is a unique synchronization protocol that speeds up access to the underlying file system, enabling the server to quickly process messages.

Easy to Administer
While CommuniGate Pro contains sophisticated functionality, it is extremely easy to configure and maintain. System administrators work in the intuitive Web-based interface or use the Command Line Interface (CLI) to automate procedures. The Web-based interface supports domain delegation, where each domain has its own administrators.

Proven Reliability
CommuniGate Pro is a proven solution with servers running at customer sites worldwide. The implementations range in size from several hundred to multi-million user systems. Recent head-to-head performance tests confirmed what these customers already know; CommuniGate Pro keeps end-users happy. In a recent benchmark, CommuniGate Pro was the only product that did not generate a single error for the end-users.

Clustering for Guaranteed Uptime
CommuniGate Pro's unique Dynamic Clustering functionality sets it apart from other solutions by allowing customers to support millions of accounts while guaranteeing 99.999% uptime. The Dynamic Cluster is a multiserver architecture providing load balancing and redundancy, while appearing as one seamless messaging system to end-users. CommuniGate Pro stays up and running,

Features Overview

  1. Dynamic Cluster: unlimited growth and 99.999% uptime
  2. Advanced spam and virus protection: protect your system and users
  3. Multiple security protocols: SSL/TLS, SASL, CRAM-MD5 and APOP
  4. Built in Web server: for personal Web pages
  5. Standards based message protocols: POP, IMAP, HTTP, and SMTP
  6. Central Directory and LDAP services: address books, yellow pages, provisioning
  7. Public and group mailboxes: increase collaboration
  8. Easy to administer: intuitive Web-based or command line interface (CLI)
  9. Easy to migrate: built-in user/mailbox migration tools
  10. Open interface: for integration of complementary services
  11. Multiple languages: including those with extended character sets
  12. Multiple domains: with delegated domain administration
  13. Over 25 supported OS/hardware combinations: utilize existing infrastructure or migrate easily to another