Urchin Web and E-commerce Traffic Reporting

We are pleased to announce that we are now offer Urchin ecommerce and web traffic reporting. Urchin is the web metrics leader, and is an invaluable resource for you to use in order to increase your website¹s visibility and effectiveness.

Urchin offers complete, intuitive and easy-to-read reports on a wide spectrum of parameters that are indispensable to anyone interested in the design, promotion or marketing of a website. Urchin reports on which links and search engines brought people to your site, top keywords used, how users are navigating through your site, and much more.

The e-Urchin e-commerce component correlates all reported visitor parameters with actual dollars spent on your site - true return on investment reporting! Urchin has the versatility to report in ten languages (switchable on-the-fly), as well as a user-specified date range function.

Designed to provide critical insight into your website's user activity, Urchin's sophisticated reporting and web-based interface allow you to get the traffic data you need to optimize your site.

From basic to highly detailed traffic metrics, Urchin reports on a wide spectrum of information that is indispensable to anyone interested in the design, marketing or hosting of a website.

Use Urchin to:

Urchin's Reporting Features

Urchin's Ecommerce and Traffic Reporting
To see Urchin in action go to CybrHost as a Tucows Mirror and go to the bottom-portion of the page. The Tucows Mirror sites use Urchin Dedicated